Why work with us?

We work with many of the industry’s most prominent names in media across every sector, covering all types of media businesses from global FTSE listed companies to media start-ups.  Our expertise spans many geographical regions from the UK to Europe, Middle East and Far East.

Building long-standing relationships with both clients and candidates remains the number one value of what we do.  In an ever changing market we will always ensure we deliver honesty, transparency and efficiency to all.

Our fantastic clients has enabled Lipton Media to grow its reach globally, we attract candidates from all corners of the world across a multitude of disciplines.

A few reasons why you should you trust Lipton Media


Excellent relationships:

Excellent relationships with some amazing clients, we work exclusively with many of our trusted partners.

We meet every candidate:

It’s crucially important for us that we get to know you, much like we know our clients. We want to ensure we find the best match for both parties.

We are always here to help:

Once you have secured that perfect job our relationship with you won’t stop there. We will assist you with everything from start dates, resignation letters, your contract and much more.

Transparency and Honesty:

If we feel we can’t help you secure that perfect job, we will let you know. We will ensure you receive feedback quickly and accurately. We will give you clear timelines so that you can manage your search without any delays.

A career is a journey

We firmly believe a career is a journey, we hope to work with you every step of the way. We are in it for the long haul and will offer support as best we can.

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