Structure and Positivity – Tackling Mental Health

Structure and Positivity – Tackling Mental Health

23rd MARCH 2020


Human beings like structure and certainty.  During these extraordinary times it’s crucially important, more now than ever, we structure our days (as best we can) and vitally, remain positive.

We are all facing an unprecedented period in our lives when everything feels uncertain, our stress level are heightened and mental state is being tested to its max on a daily basis.

COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on global economies and with this the inevitable outcome of mass redundancies has ensued.  For those fortunate enough to still be in employment, the reality of full-time home working is readily becoming an increasingly challenging aspect of daily life.

Whether you’re employed or unemployed the importance of structure should not be underestimated.  In times like these our mental state can become increasingly fragile and we all need to ensure we are doing all we can to look after ourselves in these most challenging of times.

Whilst there is no quick fix to this global crisis, we can all help ourselves by ensuring we keep to a daily structure, challenge our minds and channel positive thinking.

If you are struggling, here are some tips you can do to take care of your mental health in the face of so much uncertainty:

  1. Structure your day: Personally, I think this is absolutely crucial in maintaining a healthy mindset. Plan your day, whether this is working on your CV, reading around your sector or catching up on long overdue admin tasks, keep to the plan you set out.
  2. Get outside even if it’s just to walk around your home. I took a walk yesterday afternoon in my local neighbourhood.  The sun was shining, I did some gentle exercise and felt immeasurably more positive as a result. Keeping fit and getting some fresh air/sunshine really helps your mental well-being.
  3. Stay connected to family and friends.  We are all fortunate to live in an era with so many technological advancements which allow us to stay connected to those closest to us.   Now more than ever before, pick up the phone, facetime/skype a loved one, reach out to those nearest and dearest. 
  4. Remaining positive in light of so much uncertainty.  It’s not easy to keep a positive mindset with so much uncertainty surrounding us.  So how do we achieve this?  Keeping engaged and updated with day to day life is key.  With so many resources available online, now is the ideal time to focus on learning, developing our knowledge and unearthing new areas of interest. Crucially, keep busy, challenge your mind daily and remain engaged.
  5. Set targets.  Many of us will be all too familiar with the pressures of targets and deadlines in our day to day jobs. Setting yourself realistic goals on a daily basis is great for structure and positivity.

As we all adjust to new ways of living over the weeks and months to come its more important now than ever before that we all look after our own mental well-being.  If you’re feeling low, struggling to remain positive or just feel lonely, pick up the phone and chat to those closest to you.

Over the weeks to come it would be great to hear from many others who can lend advice in these most challenging of times.  Please feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn or email.

Most importantly, keep safe and well.



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